Free research papers

How to find free research papers

So many people are questioning “how to find free research papers ?”

Passionate people get frustrated in their quest for information.

Government agencies allocate billions of dollars, each year, to research projects and programs. Unfortunately the research output which arises from this funding is not easily made available to the public; individually searching (or even locating the URLs) for each university’s institutional repository (IR) is bordering on impossible and is totally impractical.

Open Access (OA)

Open Access (OA) in short means that publicly funded research output is to be made available to the public. The good news is that OA policies and supporting statements from governments and funding agencies around the globe mandate the availability of publicly funded research.

However, the exponentially growing body of OA research papers are being stored across thousands of university websites, also known as Institutional Repositories (IR). Searching across all of these IRs is not practicable.

Free research papers

It was brought to my attention, a short time ago, that people are desperately trying to find free research papers. I hope that this free product can help researchers, teachers, students and the general public from around the globe in their quest to find legitimate OA, and therefore, free research papers.


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What is ?

The website is called, it provides access to free research papers.

Where did get the papers?

The website has harvested thousands of university websites which offer openly accessible research papers in accordance with OA policies.

What’s next ? is in beta and will undergo further development on the front end as soon as possible.
In addition I am planning on building APIs and much much more, but this is all I have to share with you today.

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