Articles by Timothy McCallum

July 18th 2016

Internet of Things data will help us predict the future

Physical actions in the real world and data processing in the digital world are fusing as the Internet of Things takes hold. Unlike other data sources, machines – i.e. connected devices within the Internet of Things – can be programmed to produce clean and consistent real-time data feeds. That’s data that scientists and others can use to predict the future, going beyond correlation and contemporaneous events.

April 28th 2016 – Sydney Morning Herald

Australia produces $30 billion worth of ‘grey literature’ that we can’t read

Australia spends more than $30 billion a year on projects which produce “grey literature” – documents which are produced by government departments, academic institutions, private companies and more. But despite all this effort, Australia lacks a standardised mechanism to curate and freely distribute grey literature.

November 9th 2015

Startup advice for an audacious idea

Timothy McCallum was asked to present at The Festival of Audacious Ideas. This article is an outline of his presentation which was designed to inspire participants to join the Startup Toowoomba event which is held in early November.


April 22nd 2015

Computer software automation

A quick look at how Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can be used to perform tasks autonomously.


31st March 2015

Productivity, pace and agility

In this article Timothy looks at how we write, publish and distribute in the 21st Century and how the digital age is providing opportunities to improve collaboration and agile and open practice.


March 6th 2015

Automated WordPress backups using Dropbox

A quick explanation on backing up a WordPress instance to Dropbox is performed (includes links to open source code written in Python)


3rd March 2015

Analyzing a large corpora of text

Timothy looks at products such as Overview, AntConc and Bookworm which provide an opportunity to analyze thousands of documents in next to no time at all, collectively providing a variety of useful tools, including full text search, tagging and topic modelling by way of stunning visual analysis.


31st October 2014

Open Education: Improving student retention while dealing with a truly diverse audience

An article about analysis, evaluation and the optimal use of available technologies to ensure improved student retention

30th October 2014

Building Open Educational Resources for emerging technologies: Striving for flexibility and reuse

This article aims to provide a new line of thinking into designing and building open educational resources

27th August 2014

Seeing around corners

A look at the elements of success in a fast paced and volatile business environment.