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If you need a blockchain consultant, blockchain programmer, data migration expert and/or advice about how to get the most out of the cloud computing revolution, please get in touch now.

The next decade brings forth constant change. Paradigm shifts in technology will provide unprecedented opportunities for you. The success of your business depends on how rapidly you can adapt.

We provide swift engagement  and outstanding results in the following areas:

  • Blockchain programming (or as a Blockchain consultant/advisor)
  • Cloud computing advice and strategic cloud computing implementation service
  • Data migration programming as well as data migration consultancy

We are based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. However, having worked in California, Florida, Georgia, London and Spain, location is really not an issue. We enjoy traveling and/or working remotely as required.

We are your one-stop shop for a blockchain consultant. We can introduce you to the myriad of blockchain implementations including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM and even the Hyperledger suite of distributed ledger technlogies and frameworks on offer from The Linux Foundation.

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Bio – Timothy McCallum – blockchain consultant

Timothy McCallum specializes in blockchain implementations for businesses. A specialist in FinTech programming, Timothy’s most recent project was a finance data migration exercise for local government.

Timothy was named as an AMP Tomorrow Maker in 2015. His work evolves around finding extraordinary solutions to complex problems. Timothy is a celebrated mentor of the Google Summer of Code and was a guest of Google in 2014, spending time in Silicon Valley collaborating with software developers from around the globe.

Timothy recently achieved Confirmation of Candidature in the Doctor of Professional Studies Program at The University of Southern Queensland (USQ). Having just completed a blockchain for business course, provided by The Linux Foundation, Timothy is now completing a computer science and programming course provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He remains an eager contributor to the open source software community and is currently collaborating with some of the Bitcoin core developers as they kick off the project.

Do you need a blockchain consultant ?

Is your business interested in learning about blockchain technologies? Australia now recognizes Bitcoin as a legal method of payment. Our expertise can be harnessed to prepare your business for the cryptocurrency revolution.

Blockchain Workshops are available

We provide a range of services, from our “Blockchain for beginners” workshop series to advanced blockchain prototype and production implementation.

… thank you for an engaging, informative and inspiring session. It was great! … – Ellen Ronalds Keene

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Cloud computing

How much of your Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is on-premise vs off-premise (in the cloud). Our expert knowledge and experience in cloud computing technologies  can provide you with many alternatives to traditional computing. The increases in performance, security and cost savings are staggering. Contact us to find out more, today!

Data migration

We specialize in moving your data forward with precision and accuracy. Work hand in hand with us to perfect the transformation and transition of your valuable data from your current system into your desired future systems in the quickest possible time, using the latest and most secure technologies.