Timothy McCallum Technologist and Consultant

The next decade brings forth constant change. Paradigm shifts in technology will provide unprecedented opportunities for you. The success of your business depends on how rapidly you can adapt.

Our experience shows that companies and organizations which are constrained seldom win in this arena.

Our approach to working with you is to provide swift engagement, by providing a consultancy service, which is outside of your traditional HR processes.


Cloud computing РHow much of your Information Technology infrastructure is on-premise vs off-premise (in the cloud). Our expert knowledge and experience in cloud computing technologies  can provide you with many alternatives to traditional computing. The increases in performance, security and cost savings are staggering. Contact us to find out more, today!

Blockchain technologies – Is your business interested in learning about Blockchain technologies? Australia now recognizes Bitcoin as a legal method of payment. Our expertise can be harnessed to prepare your business for the crypto currency revolution. We provide a range of services, from our “Blockchain for beginners” workshop series to advanced Blockchain prototype and production implementation.

Data migration – We specialize in moving your data forward with precision and accuracy. Work hand in hand with us to perfect the transformation and transition of your valuable data from your current system into your desired future systems in the quickest possible time, using the latest and most secure technologies.